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“Carolina explains very well. She has a lot of her own and varied teaching materials, and so she puts together an instructive lesson with a lot of interaction. The lessons are always well prepared and tailored to the person. We have several colleagues on Spanish lessons with Carolina and at Finsa BV we have really valued her teachings for many years!”

Maya Kopmels
/ Finance Manager Finsa BV

“Carolina always motivated me tremendously to continue studying, even though sometimes it was not easy to study alongside my work. Because of her character and teaching style, I never lost the will to study. She was always well prepared and the topics we covered in class were fun and interesting. I give her a 10 as a teacher.”

Roland Zey
/ Ex CEO Mercedez-Benz Argentina

“Carolina is an exceptionally engaging, capable and organized teacher. She has extensive experience providing tailored language tuition for international affairs and development professionals. I highly recommend her classes!”

Zara Sarzin
/ International Development Consultant, The World Bank

“I have taken Spanish classes on and off for almost twenty years but have never had a teacher nearly as good as Carolina. Her teaching style is tailored specifically to meet my interests, my level, and my language needs. Her online classes offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness, while maintaining extremely high standards of teaching. I would recommend Carolina as a teacher to anyone who is considering taking Spanish classes.”

Sheela Ahluwalia
/ Director Transparentem

“I had several weeks of Spanish lessons from Carolina in Buenos Aires. She was an excellent, engaging teacher. She quickly figured out what my level and competencies were and adapted her lessons accordingly. It was a pleasure to work with her.”


Nicholas Sargeantson
/ Director Sunland Trading

“Carolina helped me quickly brush up on my Spanish. Attentive, perceptive and engaging, Carolina quickly recognized what I needed to improve upon and structured my lessons accordingly. She is always very patient but encourages me to recognize my errors and correct them. The conversations are always relevant and interesting and Carolina uses effective language instruction methods suited to my learning style to help increase my vocabulary and grammar capacity. I highly recommend her for all levels of Spanish instruction!”

Julie Hackett
/ Communication and Knowledge Management Consultant UNICEF

“I really enjoyed my classes with Carolina and found her to be a kind, dedicated and patient teacher. She varies her teaching methods which keeps the class interesting and does not rely on outdated pedagogical materials. I found Skype to be one of the most effective ways to learn because you can reference text in the “chat” box which helps to clarify mistakes. I highly recommend Carolina and her online classes.”

Heather Doyle
/ Senior Technical Advisor Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria

“I took Spanish lessons with Carolina in Goes. First we had an intake interview and then we started the lessons. There was a lot of attention to practical situations from my own work environment. That way you quickly learn what you need. Carolina also paid attention to grammar and writing. My basic Spanish has definitely improved thanks to the lessons. I can recommend everyone to take Spanish lessons with Carolina Odriozola. As far as I am concerned best choice in Zeeland.”

Igor Kint
/ Sales Director Lenger Group