Lessons in Zeeland, the Randstad or online

My classes are designed for people working with Spanish-speaking colleagues or clients. Classes can be run online, or I can come and teach at your workplace in Zeeland or the Randstad in The Netherlands.

If you’d like to understand your Spanish speaking customers and colleagues better and feel more connected to them, then becoming familiar with the language can be a game changer. As well as teaching the language I also love to share knowledge around the culture and customs, to help you understand more about the Spanish lifestyle too.

Skill levels

My classes are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. I tailor your lessons, exercises and homework to your level. In each lesson we cover grammar, vocabulary and conversational skills to help you develop in all areas.


We start with the basics from the method ¡Sí, claro! A lesson for a beginner looks  like this:

✓ Short conversation with basic phrases so that your vocabulary increases.

✓ A run through of the homework and reflection on key learnings.

✓ We then cover a topic from ¡Sí, claro! 

✓ Interactive practice with speech and grammar.


A lesson for intermediate students looks like this:

✓ Extended conversation on a range of subject areas and topics.

✓ A run through of the homework and reflection on key learnings.

✓ We then cover a topic from ¡Sí, claro! supported with practical exercises.

✓ Interactive practice with speech and grammar.


It may be that you can already converse in Spanish, but even at this stage Spanish lessons are a good investment to keep the language alive, so you can challenge yourself to improve and learn more about the culture of your colleagues and clients.

Advanced classes have no set format. Together we will look at what your needs are and how I can help you develop further. Perhaps you’d like to get stronger in grammar? Then I adjust the lesson accordingly. Want to be able to present better in Spanish? Then we’ll work on that together. Advanced Spanish classes are bespoke to you, so you get out of them exactly what you need to.


When you learn Spanish for work with me, culture always has a place. After all, Spanish business  culture is different from English  culture, for example. Would you know whether to express yourself formally or informally? What about hierarchy? And can you be as direct with Spanish  colleagues as you are with your English colleagues? I combine this indispensable information with learning Spanish so you can feel confident in your workplace interactions.